Trucking News And Stories To Think About

trucking news and stories

Happy Monday Freinds,

Here are a few links to stories and news items I think you will find useful or interesting if you haven’t yet seen them. Just click on the heading of the story you want to read.

Amazon and Trucking

This first one is about Amazon getting into the trucking industry in a way that may change things for how trucking companies do business. I think as truck drivers, It is very important for us to keep a watch on how such stories develop.

It is a way to help us know how to situate ourselves by being early adapters to the changes that are taking place. Many news outlets covered this story but if you haven’t yet seen it, then start here.

Making Tough Decisions

We all make decisions. But, what you and I want is to make sure that we don’t just make decisions based on the emotions we feel at that particular moment. Our emotions are not always to be trusted.

Suzy Welch came up with a simple formula to help us in making tough decisions.

I think if you can remember to use it, It will help you make better decisions.

Develop Mental Toughness

In trucking and life, mental toughness is needed. Life can sometimes throw us curve balls. Our success in life can be traced to how we react to life events.

Your ability to persevere or overcome life challenges can set you apart from those that crash under them. Tim shares eight lessons from eight different people. I think you will find it interesting.

Spin-Off Opportunities In Trucking

This one is a story about a truck driver Marc Springer. It’s a brief run through about his life and the reality TV show he did> I haven’t personally watched the TV show. There is a comment left in reply to the story and it seems life the person that left the comment wasn’t happy with the show at all.

The reason, I’m recommending the story is because I want you to see what opportunities trucking can open for you.

More Than 20 Trucks Involved In Accident On I-80

This was bad news. It’s about an accident that was on the I-80 that involved 22 trucks. Just a reminder that we need to keep more following space and slow down during this weather season.

I know those of you who drive over the road make money only when that truck is moving. But, if you think it’s not safe for you to drive because of the weather conditions, Please park that truck so you can stay safe.

Until next time.

Stay Safe

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