Truck Driving: The Combined Dedication to Skills and Lifestyle

There’s no easy answer to the question is the truck-driving profession hard?

The answer to that question is relative to what other profession or career you are comparing it to.

If you compare it to being a soldier in battle, then truck driving is relatively easier. If you compare it to being a stay-at-home mother, teacher or security guard, or even a lawyer, then trucking is harder or easier depending on how you look at those jobs.

It all depends on what profession you are comparing it to.

But, when it comes to trucking, there are two factors to think about when going into the profession, LIFESTYLE and SKILLS.

• Lifestyle

The lifestyle of a professional truck driver is lonely. It is not for those who mind being alone, away from loved ones and friends for long periods like 1-2 weeks or more.

The plus side is the traveling, obviously, so it is wonderful for a person who loves to travel, see different places and meet different people.

When you land your first gig in trucking, there will, of course, be an adjustment to being alone and on the road most of the time. This is a part of trucking that some truck drivers find very hard at first (adjusting to the loneliness).

But as you get the hang of it, and you get comfortable as well as adjusted to the situation, you’ll be surprised to find that you may enjoy this “alone time.”



• Skills

In truck driving, you are required to have more than the ordinary driving skills of an ordinary vehicle.

You are required to learn and practice the skills of driving this big vehicle. Maneuvering it in tight spaces, ensuring that the vehicle around you and the cargo you’re hauling aren’t damaged in any way.

There’s also the concern for safety in all situations while driving as well as when parked or where you park. These are the skills that you have to learn in the trade of driving big vehicles.

Whether you’re a hands-on learner and can grasp the skills immediately or not, the different sets of skills required take time for you to learn. It will take a lot of dedication and hard work.

Professional truck driving allows you the freedom to be on your own as well as the responsibility to bring cargo and items to and from one destination to another on time and safely.

So, is truck driving hard?

I would choose to say that trucking is not hard but it’s CHALLENGING.