4 things You Should Do To Stay Healthy As A Truck Driver


One of the biggest challenges truck drivers face is staying healthy while on the road. There are more drivers leaving trucking because of health challenges now than in the past.

With the health requirements that are demanded from truck drivers, you can not afford to keep living the unhealthy life style most truck drivers live.

The trick to succeeding in becoming a healthy truck driver is to decide that you want it, then set your mind to get it. There is no short cut about it. You are going to have to put your mind to it to achieve it.

There are four things you need to focus on.

I’m sure you already know these four things but, I’m writing them to remind you. To encourage you because we all need a friend to support us in our endeavors.

1.Do your best to eat healthy every day.

You need to research and find out what kind of healthy foods you can stock up to eat while on the road.

This will help you to avoid buying junk foods on the road and even save you a lot of money. If you have a refrigerator in your truck, every time you have an opportunity to stop by a grocery store like Walmart, stock up on some fruits and vegetables (especially those you can eat raw).

If you do your research right, you can also find good canned foods and packed snacks that are way healthier than the “junk” foods truckers usually eat at truck stops.

The reason I tell you to do some research is that eating healthy has something to do with your body type too. So it will be good if you know the kinds of foods that are better for your body type and taste good for you.

2.Determine to exercise at least 4-6 days every week.

Nearly as important as determining to eat healthy every day, becoming a healthy truck driver will require you to exercise at least 4-6 days every week.

Trust me you really don’t want to slack in this area. It’ll help you to get to your desired health goal faster. And that is something every person involved with becoming healthy wants and wishes for.

Most truck drivers make excuses that they don’t have time, or that they don’t have a place to work out from. Those are just excuses. I have personally been able to find a way to overcome both of those excuses and work out ON THE ROAD (before I started driving locally).

The best time to work out should be in the morning before you start driving.

First, it will help get that workout off your to do list.

Second, you will feel energized through the day and, it will keep you alert as you drive.

If you can’t do it in the morning, then do it right after you are done with driving. I have also done it at shipper’s and receiver’s facilities if I find out that am going to be there for a while and there is enough space for me to put in my workouts.

As for where to do the exercises, I have done them in truck stop parking lots, running around the lot, using spaces in between trucks and in the shower rooms before I take my shower.

Believe it or not, I have even done them on the side of the freeway or on off ramps when there is enough space. That is the kind of commitment it takes.

3.Avoid the sugar drinks and drink lots of water.

The other important thing for you to succeed at becoming a healthy truck driver, you need to make sure that you drink lots of water.

I always see truck drivers filling their large refill containers in truck stops with sodas from the soda machines. Sitting and driving for hours while filling your body with large amounts of sugary drinks is a very bad health habit.

By the way, let me admit to you something. My weakness when it comes to sugar is drinking tea. I love hot tea. I drink lots of it and I add sugar to it. But, even though I’m not a fan of drinking pure water, I know it is good for me. So, I make the effort to drink as much as I can so that it can help dilute and flush out the tea and sugar.

When we don’t drink water, it may result in poor digestion, weariness, dehydration, fatigue and other health issues which could be unfortunate, and not a positive thing in any way…again, as I said before if you plan on becoming a healthy truck driver, you need to be determined.

4. Get enough sleep

We work long hours. Our job can sometimes be stressful. We need to get enough rest. And not just rest. But SLEEP.

For those of you fellow truck drivers that are over the road, I know how hard it can be having a set schedule. I know that you only make money when those wheels are rolling.

But, if becoming a healthy truck driver is your goal, you need to make sleep one of your priorities and it needs to be up there close to the top.

Not only will sleep help accelerate your health goals, it will also help keep you safe on the road. Many of our fellow truck drivers have got into accidents and some even passed away just because of a lack of sleep. Don’t be part of those statistics.

Remember, you have chosen to make truck driving your career. Don’t make health mistakes you can avoid, particularly those that could leave you unhealthy in the long run or even unemployed.

Your ultimate goal should be to be a successful, healthy truck driver. And you can start towards that goal by following the few tips I have given you here.

until next time,

Stay Safe

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