How Truck drivers Can Make Up To $85000 And More.


How much do truck drivers make?

I have written about this common question, and you can read about the right way to answer that question here.

I found an article on monster about Mike Gaffin that I want us to use to help us see what it may take to make $85,000 a year as a truck driver.

Love, or at least like what you do

Like in any other career, the people who love what they do tend to succeed more than those who get into the career just for the money. Mike’s dream since childhood was to drive trucks. His father is a truck driver and I guess that where the influence came from.

Work hard

I’m surprised at how many people want to earn a lot of money driving trucks but do not want to put in the hard work it takes to make the kind of money they want. To make good money driving trucks, you must be willing to do the things other drivers don’t want to do.

Mike is a long haul driver and drives in one of the areas in the country (Northeast) that most truck drivers don’t want to drive in.

Make necessary sacrifices

What are you willing to sacrifice? One of the biggest challenge faced by truck drivers is time away from their family. I’m not sure how often Mike goes home but from reading the article, it doesn’t look like he is home every night.

Focus on the long term

When Mike started out driving trucks, he was earning $40,000. Over a period of ten years, he is now earning about $85,000 (earnings may be even higher for him as you read this).

Don’t expect to come into trucking and make $85,000 your first year. Find out what it takes to make the kind of money that you want to make, then set a goal and make plans to get there. Don’t be short sighted by the hardships you may face your first year.

Mike advises that you attend a reputable truck driving school, commit to one trucking company for at least one year, pay attention to what you eat, and get used to irregular sleeping patterns.

You can go read the whole article. It is short and will not take a lot of your time.

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