Steps To Help You Study And Pass Your CDL Test


Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Moses here at The Driver Success Channel, and today I just want to share with you a few tips on taking your CDL test or if you want to add HAZMAT to Tankers or any other endorsements on your test but I think these tips work also for anyone that is taking any test. These are things that I do to take my tests. I’m making some changes in my life. Ever since I go to my Class A I have never had any endorsements.

I have always hesitated on getting Hazmat or Tankers or doubles or anything like that because I didn’t really feel the need to…. I was okay with what I was doing and I didn’t have the need to but right now I’m making some changes in my life. We are planning on moving in a few weeks from California going to Texas. I’ll be sharing with you more about that in other videos, just letting you know why I’m moving and just keeping you updated on how things are happening.

But today I just want to share with you what I’m doing. Right now I signed up, I set an appointment in a week’s time to be taking my… you see that? I’m studying for…I’m studying for my Hazmat and I’m thinking probably I want to take my Tankers too so what I am doing, I’m going to study for my Hazmat and my Tankers test and take it on Wednesday. So I’m recording this on a Wednesday and next Wednesday I’ll be taking the test.

So what I did is, I just give myself one week. So that’s one of the things. Give yourself time where you’ll be forced to study. Don’t just put it in a place where you say, “Hah, whenever I get to it. No, give yourself a time period. So I put myself in a dilemma and what I did is I went online and set up an appointment to take the test on Wednesday. So that gives me one week of really studying and taking the test.

Now the way I get the time to study is every time I have a stop and they’re unloading me, right now they’re unloading me, I get out my book and I start reading. But here are some of the tips I want to give you, the way I’m doing it, and hopefully, I’ll let you know when if I pass, and I am thinking I will pass. But here is the way I’m doing it. The first thing I did when I started studying is, I went online and I looked for CDL tests for hazardous material, right, so I went through 25 questions, this is before I read anything.

I went through 25 questions just by reading the questions and trying to answer them. Now, some of these tests that were there said, when you answer a question if you get it wrong they’ll let you know you got it wrong and here is the right answer. So I was just doing some guesswork using common sense.

I ended up passing some of the tests, because if you use common sense some of these things you can pass, but anyway, I went through 25 of them. So after going through those 25 questions, I started reading the book. And the reason I have behind doing it that way is, usually with the brain, the way our mind works is it goes in search for answers.

When you want to know something then your mind goes in search for answers. So for me, I think if you have an opportunity to look at the questions before you even start reading, it will create a curiosity within your mind. You will want to know stuff so based on that when you go to read the book you will realize that some of the stuff that you’re finding in the book you remember you saw the question. And then as you read, the book is divided into different sections, if you feel you are tired of reading the book then go back and do some more questions and then come back and read the book and then try not to read for a long time, give yourself breaks.

When you give yourself breaks and let your mind relax a little bit it helps you retain that information. So now I’m almost done with a section for Hazmat. So when I’m done with that section I’m going to go and just concentrate on just taking questions, so most of the days I’m going to be just doing questions. Answer as many questions as you can. Look for as many tests as you can, there are many websites out there that are giving these tests.

What I’ll do, I’ll put a link to some for these tests on the website,, so that those of you who want to do tests you can find the links in case you’re looking for these practice tests. You go and you just do the practice. Take as many questions as you can concerning whatever you want to do, whether you’re just getting your license or an endorsement. The more questions you answer, the more information you will get.

Now if you realize there are some questions that you continuously fail then you go back and read the grade book. But that’s the plan I’m going to use and hopefully, I will be able to pass the test. I’m thinking, I looked at the section to do with tankers and it looks like it’s a short section so I’m thinking I’m going to read it too and then go and when I get there and realize I can do the tankers too I’ll do both and see what happens. But anyway, it’s the first time that I’m taking…I’m going to add an endorsement to my license.

And the funny thing is, even just reading through the material just makes me realize why I have always not wanted to do this test. But I think with me making this move to Texas I need more opportunities to open up and I just need to become…to look into other areas and see. I don’t want to just always do the same thing. I want to see what’s out there so I want to venture into other areas like Hazmat and see how it is. As I said, I’ll keep you informed.

Anyway, I just wanted to make a video just to catch up with you guys and also let you know what I’m doing, what’s happening in my life and just give you tips on what I’m doing really to pass my CDL. So for those of you out there that are getting your license maybe for the very first time or you are studying for an endorsement or even any other tests you’re studying for, really if you have an opportunity to look at the questions first, read the questions and then when you go to read the book, the material, your mind will kind of be in that state of looking for answers.

And then when you are done with the material just go back and do as many questions as you can so when you get to the test you will already know most of these things.

Alright guys, until next time, stay safe and stay blest. Don’t forget to subscribe in case you haven’t yet. And if you are not part of the Driver Success family, head over to driver, leave your email address so that in case I’m communicating to any of you, I guess I’m communicating to the family, to the community, you can be able to get that communication.

Until next time again,

stay blessed and stay safe.

Bye bye.

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