The Perfect Gift For A Truck Driver’s Family

The Perfect Gift For A Truck Driver's Family

The holiday season is here.

It’s the season we all want to give and get gifts. You may or may not already know what gift you plan to give to your loved ones. Either way, I want to suggest a gift I believe your family and friends will love.

Since you know your family and friends better than I do, it will be up to you to tailor the gift and make it perfect in your own way.

As truck drivers, one of the challenges we face is, getting quality time with the people we love.

For over the road truck drivers, you are away for days or even weeks from home at a time. For us who do local work, we put in a lot of hours. Most of us, work sees us more than home.

So, what is the perfect gift we can give to our family and friends?


Giving material presents is good. If you can, please do give them.

BUT, I’m going to ask that you only give them in addition to the gift of experience. Since time with our loved ones is a challenge in this career, l challenge you to invest more in planning to spend A LOT of time with them this holiday season.

Don’t just spend time with them.

Invest in making the time spent with them memorable. That is what I’m referring to as the gift of experience. For the time to be an experience, it doesn’t have to be expensive. It just has to be memorable.

And, for it to be memorable, you are going to have to think hard about how to make it happen. You can (and should) even think about it in different aspects.

Think about;

  • Things you can do with your spouse.
  • Things you can do with your children
  • Things you can do together as a family

What are the things you can do with your spouse (alone) this holiday season that you haven’t been able to do?

What can you do with your children (especially if they are still young) that will leave them talking about the experience till next holiday?

Do you get the idea?

It’s amazing to me how much “small” things can mean a lot and make an impact.

One of the ways I come up with ideas of things to do with my family is by always listening to what my wife says (my daughter is still young to tell me what she likes) during conversations.

These may be things she wishes for or things we have done in the past that she remembers. The way she talks about them can give me clues on what she likes and what to plan for.

As men (most truck drivers are) we tend to think logically. We want things to make sense. We buy stuff for our wives and children assuming these will communicate our love for them. And to some extent they do.

But, love is mostly communicated through totally availing ourselves to them NOT things. Through creating memorable experiences with them NOT things.

The memories we have about our loved ones are the experiences we shared with them NOT the things we had with them.

So, I’m asking you to take some time and plan for the GIFT OF EXPERIENCE. Because if it’s going to be memorable, it’s going to take some thought and planning.


If you take my suggestion, I would love to hear about your experience after the holidays.

Until next time,

Stay Safe!

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