Mummy, Do You Know That I Love You?

4 year toddler

When I was living in the UK, one of my favorite TV programs that I used to watch was Kids say the dumbest things.

Even as a young man with no kids, I found the program to be very interesting and entertaining.

I guess what made it so interesting is the uncertainty. When the host asked a kid a question, you had no clue as to what was going through the kid’s mind. You could never predict the answer.

Now that I’m a father, I get to be surprised every now and then by what our daughters say. For the younger one, it’s just the excitement of hearing her learn and verbalize new words.

For the older one (4yrs young), it’s a different story. From the time she opens her eyes in the morning till you plead with her to go to bed at night, words just keep flowing out of her.

There are times she will even get us all lost wondering what she is saying. At those times she will also be looking at us with a surprised face as if to say “Don’t you get it?!”

Then there are those times when she will say stuff that just takes you by surprise. You hear it and you know she is imitating one of you, even though you would not have wanted her to pick up on “that language or attitude.”

Other times you may be like, “Where did you learn that from?” She will surprise you with a vocabulary or give you a glimpse into her head or even better, her heart. Which brings me to why I’m sharing this with you.

Today, I was sitting on our couch with our younger daughter trying to trick her into eating the nutritious meal mummy had made her. She was watching her videos on the iPad.

On the other side of our living room, at the dining table area, my wife was beautifying our older daughter’s hair.

As always, she (our daughter) kept on talking about all and anything that came to her mind while occasionally calling us, “mummy” “daddy” to make sure that she had our attention.

Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she asked her mum, “Mummy, do you know that I love you?”


That just took me by surprise. It really blessed me in so many ways.

If you’re a parent, I’m sure you know that there are things that our kids say or do that are just priceless and what you feel in that moment is unexplainable

Once again, she gave me the privilege of that priceless, unexplainable feeling today.

Thank you God for the blessing of our children.

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