“I honestly believe that one of the foundation steps to becoming a successful truck driver is finding the right trucking company that meets your top priorities”

I have been driving trucks since 2006. In those years, I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to trucking companies, there are four main areas that are important to truck drivers.

Pay, Home time, Respect, and Equipment.

These are not the only things truck drivers are looking for but they are the main things. How each driver prioritizes these areas will differ and will determine what company they choose to work for.

A driver like myself who has a young family may be willing to give up a little money in order to spend more time with the family. A driver who is still single may be willing to stay out on the road for an extended period of time in order to make as much as possible.

In looking for a trucking job, I don’t know what your priority is. All I can do is share with you my thoughts on how JB Hunt, the company I currently drive for does in these four areas.

Some drivers may disagree with me but, I honestly believe that JB Hunt is one of the best trucking companies to drive for. And I don’t say that because I work for them. I encourage you to do your own research.

Driver Pay

As a truck driver, I’m sure you know that driver pay depends on different factors.

For example, Regional and OTR drivers are usually paid by the mile while local drivers are paid based on activity, by the hour, or a combination.

So, driver pay is going to vary based on what business unit or account you work on.

But what I can say for sure is that J.B Hunt’s driver pay is very competitive and in the top tier of trucking companies that pay well. If you do good research you will see that JB Hunt pays better than most trucking companies in its category.

Home Time

Because JB Hunt is a big trucking company, they have various home time options to choose from.

Although JB Hunt has OTR jobs, most of their driving jobs are either local or regional runs that allow you to be home at least on the weekends.

The other cool thing is that you can always transfer from one division to the other. Say, from OTR or regional to local as long as they have an opening. And drivers already employed with the company have priority in filling the positions they want.

Driver Respect

When you enter the office at our Haslet terminal, this is what you will see written on the wall

Class A driver jobs

What you see written there isn’t just a cliche. It is one of the principles that managers are trained to follow.

I remember some time back talking to a driver who had just joined the company. He was telling me that he wasn’t making as much money at JB Hunt as he had been making at his previous company but was being treated so well by dispatch.

He actually said JB Hunt has the best dispatchers/managers he had ever had.

If you’re looking for a company that will treat you with respect, JB will. Driver managers are specifically trained to understand the value of drivers.

JB Hunt Equipment

As truck drivers, trucks are our “offices”. We spend a lot of time in them. So driving a good reliable truck helps to make ones job a little easier.

Before joining J.B Hunt, I used to work for a trucking company that had old trucks. Those trucks would really “work on your body” and were too noisy.

So having driven old trucks for years, I now appreciate having a good reliable newer truck.

(By the way, just a side note. Because I loved working for that previous company, driving old trucks wasn’t a big deal because I liked working for the company.)

Not only does J.B Hunt have newer trucks, they also do good maintenance on them. And when your truck is in the shop, they will give you another truck to keep you working until your truck is ready.

Here is Why I Like Working For J.B Hunt

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