How much money do truck drivers make?


How much money do truck drivers make?

That is the number one question people who want to become truck drivers ask. I’m going to help you answer that question in an unusual way.

First, ask yourself these three questions.

1. Are you looking at trucking as a job or career?

2. How much would you like to make as a truck driver that would make it a great career choice for you?

3. What are you willing to give up in return to making the kind of money you want?

The reason I want you to start with those questions is, how much money you make as a truck driver Depends mostly on YOU.

The question “How much do truck drivers make?” Will get you as many different answers as the number of truck drivers you ask.

The reason for the difference is,
earnings truck drivers make vary depending on:

– The trucking company they work for
– How hard they work
– If they are specializing in a good trucking niche
– If they drive as a company driver, lease operator or owner operator.

As you can see, how much a truck driver earns, has a lot to do with one’s goals.

A truck driver whose priority is just to pay the bills will give you a different answer from one who has a goal of owning a trucking business.

Just like some careers, most people get in trucking because they were told that they could make a lot of money driving trucks. After a few years (some months) of driving, they burn out because their expectation was not well researched.

It’s ok to get into trucking even if you don’t intend to make it your long time career. But you must do your research and have realistic goals.

When it comes to trucking, having a goal of what you want to get out of it before you even start will help you a lot when you hit the bumps in the road.

And it’s not if you will, but when you do.

Trucking is not hard. But it’s not also as easy as it may seem. It has its challenges.

The 20/80 rule works in trucking too.

20% of the drivers are satisfied, excited about how much they make in trucking, while 80% of the drivers are always complaining and looking for who to blame.

The question then is, what kind of truck driver do you plan to be?

Because that is what will determine how much you will make as a truck driver.

Stay Safe!

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