Do You want to drive for j.B Hunt? I drive for them. let me answer your questions and help get you hired.

As a truck driver, I believe it helps to talk to a fellow truck driver first instead of a recruiter to get an idea of what to expect in a particular trucking company you want to drive for.

I currently drive for J.B Hunt and can help answer your questions about driving for them and can also help get you hired by referring you .

Although I can’t give you all the details on every truck driver position at JB Hunt, I believe I can give you enough information based on my personal experience working for them for you to be able to make an informed decision.

This will then help you decide if JB Hunt is the right trucking company you want to come drive for.

As a JB Hunt Intermodal local truck driver currently working out of the Haslet, TX terminal, I make YouTube videos about my trucking experiences and do my best to answer questions from viewers that are interested in JB Hunt or trucking in general.

If you’re looking into making a move to JB Hunt, Let me help answer any questions you have and also refer you to the company.

I work closely with a recruiter that I know will help answer the questions I may not have answers to and will help get you into the position that suits your needs.

JB Hunt has both CDL and NON CDL driving positions to consider. We offer Local, Dedicated, Regional and OTR driving positions.

Keep in mind that some positions like the NON CDL and Dedicated positions fill up really fast. To find out what is available in your area, fill out the form below.

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