Hide A Key And Car Key Replacement Solutions.

Why Am I writing about "hide a key" and car key replacement solutions?

Well, the other day, I had stopped by the Pilot Truck Stop to get fuel. As a courtesy to other truck drivers, if we want to go inside for a bathroom break or to pick up something from the store after fueling, we usually pull forward to let others use the pumps.

It was cold that evening and I love drinking hot tea. So I had gone inside to get me a cup of tea. As I came out, a driver was walking towards the store.

When he saw that I was a J.B Hunt driver and walking towards my truck, he seemed to be excited and relieved.

“Are you the one driving that truck?” He asked as he pointed towards my truck.

I thought he was the driver behind me and was excited because he wanted me to move so he can get on his way. But I was wrong. He was a J.B Hunt driver and was excited because he thought I might be of help to him.

He had just locked his truck keys in the truck and was hoping my truck key could be able to open the door to his truck.

Unfortunately, he was a regional driver and was driving a sleeper truck. I, being a local driver, I drive a day cab. Although some of our trucks share keys, this wasn’t the case in this instance.

To make matters worse, he had also locked his phone inside the truck. So he had no form of communication.

So, it was a cold night, he had no jacket on, and had locked his phone inside too.

Thankfully, we were able to find a spare key that worked so he didn’t have to call and wait for road service to come.

But that reminded me of the times my wife had also locked herself out of the car a couple of times.

What if it happens again? I wondered.

Do we always have to wait for a problem to occur to find a solution?

Locking yourself out of your own car or truck can be very frustrating. The way to avoid the frustration is by preparing a solution ahead of time.

Was there a solution or solutions we can come up with for such a situation? I asked myself.

So, I did some research and found that there are solutions available. And these solutions are very inexpensive compared to the headache you face when you lock yourself out of your own car or truck.

As it’s been said, Prevention is better than cure.

This is common and there are solutions. You can watch this video of the same thing happening to a truck driver but thankfully, she was prepared.

When I was doing my research, I found a lot of solutions related to keys. Not just car/truck keys. So, I decided to compile everything key related here for anyone who may be looking for solutions to hide, replace or carry any type of key.

Pick one or a combination of solutions that you think will help you better prepare for the unexpected. These solutions will help you avoid the frustration of locking your keys in the car, truck, home or office or even just losing them.

Let's start off with this video of clever ways you can hide a key. The video is for hiding house keys. So if you're just interested in car or truck keys, continue reading on.


7 Clever Ways To Hide A Key


So, the first thing you need to think about is to get yourself something that will let you hide a spare key in a safe place on your car or truck.  Or a safe place when it comes to your home or office.

There are several "hide a key" products on Amazon but you have to take time to read the reviews because most of them don't seem to be that good.

Here are some solutions that I have found to have the best customer reviews.


Hide A Key Box, Car Key Lock Box, Spare Key Holder

In my opinion, if you want to hide a key on your car, one of these two products should be your first consideration. I encourage you to head over here to see more pictures and read the reviews on these. I think they're great!

 Optimus Twin Magnet GPS Tracker Case - Waterproof - Neodymium Magnets Monster Magnetics MiniMag 2 Waterproof Magnetic Stash Box - All-Weather Hide A Key, Locker Box, Magnet-Mount Geocaching Container, Under-Car GPS Tracker Holder - Easily Hide Your Stuff Anywhere!

Hide A Key Rock, Outdoor Key Hider

As you can see, these work well for house keys.


 Vanitek Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock - Looks & Feels like Real Stone – Safe for Outdoor Garden or Yard, Geocaching Outdoor Essentials Faux Rock, Tan, Key Evergreen Garden Medium Portly Frog Painted Polystone Outdoor Statue and Key Holder - 6”W x 5”D x 6”H

Magnetic Hide A Key, Magnetic Key Holder

These are what you can use for your car or truck


 Master Lock Key Box, Portable Magnetic Key Case, 2 in. Wide, 207D Kidde AccessPoint 001859 Stor-A-Key Locking Magnetic Key Case, Gray Soft Hide-A-Key Spare Key Holder with Self-Adhesive Car House Locker - Stick to Anything (3pc)


Sprinkler Hide A Key

These are also meant for houses but I think if you are creative, you can use them for your car or truck since they're small.


 Hide A Key Cash Hider Sprinkler Head, Key Holder Outdoor / Garden / Yard hiding Vault Case. Waterproof, Corrosion and Impact resistant Stalwart Sprinkler Head Hide-a-Key Best Hide A Key Spiked Sprinkler Head Hider By HomeChamps Discreet Durable Indestructible Key & Cash Outside Hiding Vault Holder Easy to Install


Hide A Key Lock Box

These are good for the office but can also be used for homes.


 Kingsley Guard-a-key Black Realtor's Lockbox Kidde AccessPoint 001170 KeySafe Original Slimline Push Button Combination Permanent Key Lock Box, 2-Key, Titanium Gray Master Lock Lock Box, Preset Combination Portable Key Safe with 6 in. Cable Lanyard, 5408D


Don't Lose Your Key

Now that you have seen the solutions for hiding your spare key, let's look at solutions for helping to prevent you from losing keys.


Magnetic Key Holder


These would work well for hanging your keys as soon as you enter your house so that you just don't place them anywhere randomly.


 The KeyCatch by KeySmart: A Modern Magnetic Key Rack (6 Pack) His and Her Key Holder


Car Key Finder

I love these because if you misplace your keys, you can track them using your phone. You can also use these for other items other than keys too.

 XYH Key Finder,Key Tracker Phone Finder Bluetooth Tracking Device,Long Life Replaceable Battery.Cell Phones and Car Keys Locator. Tile Mate - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder - 1-pack


Car Key Replacement

These are for those of you that may need to replace your keys or remotes


 2 Replacement Keyless Entry Remote Control Key Fob Clicker Transmitter 3 Button - Black KeylessOption Keyless Entry Remote Control Car Key Fob Replacement for LHJ011 (Pack of 2) Discount Keyless Replacement Key Fob Car Remote and Uncut Transponder Key Compatible with 15913415, 25839476, ID 46 (2 Pack)


So, there you have it, my friends. Use one or a combination of these tools to help you avoid the frustration of locking yourself out of your own car, truck, home or office.