What I Learned From Praying For The Government Shut Down

In today’s episode, I share what I believe the Holy Spirit taught me today about prayer. When you pray, do you really trust and believe that God will answer your prayers? Do you think God can answer one man/woman on behalf of a nation or does it require many people petitioning Him for Him to answer?

Getting Unusual Wisdom

In Daniel 1:17, it says that God gave four young men an unusual aptitude for understanding every aspect of literature and wisdom. You and I can ask God to give us and our children unusual wisdom.  That’s my encouragement to you in this short episode.

The 12 Great Riches Of Life

According to Napoleon Hill, there are 12 Great Riches Of Life. In this episode of the Driver Success Podcast, I read you those riches to give you something to ponder on.

Step Out In Faith

There are times when you don’t know how things will work out. You just have to trust God regardless of what circumstances or people say and step out in faith.