How To Start A Trucking Career

Hi everyone! I’m in Mesquite, Nevada, it’s early in the morning and I just got here at my delivery. I’m waiting for them to come. My delivery is supposed to be at 9 o’clock but I just got here at 8 o’clock and so I have about an hour before they can come so I just wanted to make a quick video and share with you my story of how I got into trucking, because in case you are out there and you are still, you know, like making up your mind or deciding if you want to get into trucking I just thought that if I share with you how I got into trucking that could be a benefit to you.

I got into trucking in 2006 in July, that’s when I went to the trucking school. I actually went to the company, the company has a trucking school, and prior to that, I was in different kinds of jobs. I was in the manufacturing company. I had a job as a manufacturer. I also worked in a warehouse and from 2003 I was in sales. I worked as an insurance salesman and some financial products and I also worked as a car salesman.

So at one point I actually held both the insurance sales and car sales at one point. And the reason why I left the other jobs and went into sales is because, one, I wanted to make more money and then the other is, after working in situations where you always have a supervisor just watching over your back and every move you make, I realized I don’t really do well in such an atmosphere so I wanted something that was kind of independent where I could just do my work without really someone watching over every move that I make.

I’m that kind of person that likes the freedom to do what I want to do at what place I really want to do it at. And yet the jobs that I really had they were more like you had to drag your feet and pretend to be working and all that stuff. I don’t do well in such environments. Anyway, so I went into sales but the challenge I had with sales is, I guess I wasn’t so good at selling, especially when it came to prospecting for new clients, I wasn’t good at that.

And the other challenge was that it was commission based which meant that you only had to be paid based on the kind of business that you did, so every other week or other month you really didn’t know how your paycheck is going to look like. And if you are not careful what happens in such a situation, you could get so focused on the money that you start, you know, like not really giving your customers the best care or you start really focusing and worrying about money than you do about your work.

So I did that for three years and then I decided, just one day, that I wanted something where I could have a stead paycheck and not worry about how much money I’m going to make this month or this week or whatever period. I didn’t want to worry about the bills and all that stuff. So I remember I was at the car dealership working and then I just decided because all year round somebody had told me about trucking, that it was really a good place where people were making money, and I like the idea that you didn’t really have someone watching your every move, you were kind of independent.

You just get into your truck, drive for whatever miles you have to drive to, as long as you did your job well and no one was really watching over you. And that kind of appealed to me, so what I did is, when I left the dealership, I went home, sat on the internet and look…started researching for companies where I could train and so I saw a company, that was C.R. England, and I liked their video, I don’t know if they still have the video, I liked their video and I decided I was going to call them.

I called them and, believe it or not, they scheduled me for school the following week, and so the following week I went to class and started my trucking career. Now, I said all this to say that sometimes people want to get into something but they will spend weeks and months and trying to look for all the information and coming up with every little excuse they can think about.

If you really want to get into trucking don’t waste a lot of time trying to look for all other minute information about trucking. All I did was sit at the computer, within minutes I saw this school, I called them up and they scheduled me to go to school the following week and I was in class the following week. So if you want to get into trucking I encourage you, just make up your mind and get your feet wet.

At the website, I’ve written an article now if you go there and look at the article that could probably give you some ideas of things that you should consider and think you should look for in a trucking company or the things you need to look into as you make your decision. After reading that article I encourage you, just decide on a company that is closest to you, go and start. That will help you a lot because you will realize that you may not even be able to go through the orientation, maybe there is a problem that will hinder you from getting into trucking or you may start training and you realize trucking is not for you.

So that’s why I say that it’s better for you to just go and find out. You are either going to stick with it or you are not. When you are done with your training you may change companies or you will be directed more easily than if you just sit there trying to figure out if trucking is for you or it’s not. The first step is for you to get into school and get your feet wet, and then you will make other decisions as the time goes by.

So I share with you my story just to let you know that it only took me what? Probably 30 minutes or less for me to get into school and six years later I’m still her. So I hope that helps you, until next time, stay safe.

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What Every New Truck Driver Should Do To Succeed in Trucking

Hey guys what’s up!

It’s Moses here of the driver success channel. And I just got back home.

I’m tired, I’m just getting ready to go take a shower, go to bed, but before I do that I just thought I should make a quick video to help out those of you that are just starting out in the industry because if you can do certain things right, that will help set you up for success in the future. Many truck drivers move from one company to the other thinking that the next company they move to will be a better company and so what you have is drivers that don’t have any stable work history because they are always moving from one company to the next.

And so I just want to talk to those of you who are just starting out in the industry. One of the best things that you can do for yourself is really to make sure that you find the right company to work for because if you can find that right company to work for then it means that you will have a stable work history. You’ll have a stable life. And the reason why I think drivers move from one company to the next is because they don’t know what they really want.

They have never taken the time to look at their priorities in life and know what do they want at any given stage in their life. So I think if you want to excel in this industry take the time to figure out what your priorities are, what is more important to you. Is it how much money you make, is it time with family, is it respect from the company you work for, is it the opportunity that that company offers for you to advance in the company, what are the priorities?

If you can know what your priorities are then you go out and look for the company that will meet those priorities. Talk to the drivers that are working for those companies, ask them what they think about the company, ask them if your priority is to make money, ask them how much money they make. If your priority is to be home, ask them how much home time they make. Knowing what your priorities are and then going out there looking for a company that will meet that priority is very vital.

It’s key to your success. What that will do is it will give you stability in life. You will be able to settle down because you will have your priorities right but if you don’t know what you really want you always be thinking that another company as what you want and then you will move to that company and then realize maybe they don’t have what you want.

I have been with a company that I work for it’s coming now to 7 years. And the reason why is because I like their culture, I like the way they treat me, I like the home time I have with my family. I like the atmosphere of the company. I know the managers, I know the dispatchers by face and by name. They know me. There is that culture that I like. And that’s why I have been with them for a long time. Can I make more money somewhere else?

Yes I can but is that my priority? No, it’s not.

So knowing what your priority is, goes a long way to help you find that company. When you find that company you’ll realize that the rest of your life will also kind of stabilize and if it’s time for you to move on to another company, at least your resume will show that you are a stable person and employers will always put you ahead of those other people that are always moving from one company to the next.

It will help you stand out from the crowd when it’s time for you to move on. So I hope that is something that you can think about. If you can settle down and figure out what you really want, what your priorities are and then look for the company that will meet your priorities. I guarantee you it will set you apart from the rest of the drivers.

So I just wanted to share with you that, I hope it helps you out. I hope you take advantage of it. If you haven’t yet subscribed don’t forget to subscribe to the channel.

Until next time,

Stay blessed and stay safe.

Bye bye.