A Tool To Help You Write Easier And Faster If You Don’t Enjoy Writing

If you like to write blog posts but you don’t enjoy writing. There is an app that could be the answer to your problem.

I really love keeping my blog up to date but one of the challenges I have is writing blog posts. The reality is that writing is not what I would consider to be one of my strength.

I can write well but I don’t enjoy it.

The reason I don’t enjoy writing is because when I sit down to write, my mind seems to be “running” faster than I write or type. That leads me to sometimes losing my thought trend which in turn gets me frustrated.

Talking as a means of communication is easier for me than writing because I don’t have to worry about my mind going faster than I write or type.

Meet Otter

Well, today I received an email from Lena at www.whatmommydoes.com sharing with her readers an app she uses to dictate. Right away I went to the App store to download it and give it a try.

It’s the app I used to compose this blog post.

Now, I had to proofread the post and make some additions and subtractions but, the app still made it easier for me to compose the post.

What makes this app really impressive is how accurate it is. I say accurate in comparison to the built in iPhone dictation app.

I have tried to use the iPhone app for blog post dictation before and wasn’t impressed with it.

I’m really so grateful to Lena for recommending this app and I just want to pass it on to others who may be interested in solving the same problem I’ve been having.

My first experience has been really great. I’m going to continue playing around with otter to see how it will workout for me. Hopefully it will help me to talk to you more often than I have done in the past.

Until next time, stay blessed!

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