A Smatter Way Of Getting The Body You Have Always Wanted.


Do you want to lose weight, build muscle, eat healthy or get short good workouts? Whatever your health goal is, I want to share with you my journey and help each other on our way to better health and better bodies.

To start with, here are the links of the stuff I talk about in this post.

The health and fitness app I use to track my calories and macros: My Fitness Pal

The home body weight scale I use to give me more information than just my weight: Renpho

The website I use to figure out how many calories I need on a daily basis and which macros I need based on my desired goal: Go here

Workout bands you should consider getting: 4EverShape or Coobons

Jump rope company that has nice ropes: Cross Rope

Jump ropes that are not expensive: Look here


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