7 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Career As A Truck Driver


If you are a young person looking for a career to go into, or you are someone looking to change careers, here are some reasons why you should think about becoming a truck driver.

1. Always Hiring

We all know how the past few years have been very hard on people in relation to employment and the ability to put food on the table for their families.

In 2008, I was given an opportunity to leave truck driving so I could help in running a residential care facility for the people that had just started the business. I gladly took on the opportunity.

Because of the timing of that business venture, within two years, we could not continue to run successfully because the property was financially upside down and we had not reached full capacity.

For many people, if they had been in my position at that time, they would probably be scared because they would have had to worry about finding another job. Not me. All I had to do, is find a good trucking company that I wanted to work for and start my new job.

That is exactly what I did. It did not take me even a week to get the job I wanted. As a matter of fact, I am the one that had to decide which company I wanted to work for. In other words, I had options.

There is a whole "industry" within trucking that is just dedicated to finding and recruiting good drivers. Ever since I started driving trucks, I have never had a problem finding a truck driving job.

2. It doesn't matter where you live

Another advantage of being a truck driver is that it really doesn't matter where you live. East, West, South, and North, trucking companies are looking for drivers in those areas to help them make deliveries to their customers.

So, if you choose to relocate to a different part of the country, you can do so without fear of not finding a truck driving job.

If you happen to be working for big trucking companies that have terminals across the country, you don't even have to change companies or lose any pay period since they can always just transfer you to the terminal that serves that particular area you are moving to.

3. Easier to get into

How many times have you heard of people that have gone to school for a long period of time, got into debt for student loans, only to come out and realize they can not find the job they studied for.

I know this really well because before I started driving trucks, I took a student loan out and took a course that didn't do me any good. It was a "hot" market when I started the course, but by the time I started working in that industry, it was hit badly by the economy even before I could get any experience in it.

When I decided to get into trucking, I did not have to pay anywhere close to what I got into debt for in the other career. And, I was assured of a job even before I started school.

If you have a good driving record, you are in good health and have no felonies, truck driving is one of the easiest careers you can get into without "breaking the bank".

4. Descent income earned

I used to think that if I could get a good office job, I would make a lot of money. I was deceived by the good looking buildings and the fancy air conditioned offices.

Although I know that it all depends on what you do in the office, I have been surprised to learn over the years that most people who sit in offices, dressed in suits may not be making as much money as some truck drivers make.

Depending on how good of a driver you are, what endorsements you have, the trucking company you work for, truck driving will give you an opportunity to earn anywhere between $45,000 and $85,000 as a company driver. Owner and lease operators may earn more than that.

5. Independence

One of the things I used to hate is working under direct supervision. I just don't seem to do well with someone watching what I do every minute.

I'm more of a results oriented guy. Tell me what you want to be done and give me my space to get it done my way. One of the reasons I chose to become a truck driver was to run away from a very controlled atmosphere to one that gives me more liberty.

I wanted to have the freedom to work with very little or no supervision. I wanted to manage my work and life so I could be more productive. I didn't want to just do things just because the boss is watching over me.

I have thrived in trucking because of that. - Delivering desired/expected results with my freedom.

All the managers I have worked under at the different trucking companies knew they could count on me. I have never been fired from any company, and every trucking company I have worked for has wanted me back.

If you are the kind of person that loves to work under minimal supervision and be in control of your work environment, then consider a truck driving career.

6. Variety

There are different types of trucking jobs to choose from depending on what kind of challenge you want in a job.

From a class B truck driver to oversize loads and in between, the choice is yours to make. You can drive expedited, dry van, flatbed, tankers, tow trucks, haul cars, etc.

7. Opportunity To Become A Business Owner

If you become a truck driver and realize that you love it and are not afraid of the risk of becoming a business owner, you will love the ease of starting your own business in trucking.

As I'm writing this, I'm trying to think of any other job where a company hires you as an employee but is also willing to help you become a business owner and I can't come up with one.

Becoming an owner operator (business owner) isn't for everyone. It requires one to understand the responsibilities and hustle that comes with it. But for the man or woman who wants it, it is easier to cross from employee to being your own boss in trucking than any other job.

Final Note.

Although this post was written for the purpose of putting some light on truck driving, I know truck driving isn't for everyone. Trucking has one of the highest turnover rates because it has its challenges.

If you look into driving a truck and realize it is not for you, it is not the only career within the trucking industry. There are other career choices you can choose from. Do some research and see if there is something else that may interest you within the trucking industry.

Until next time,

Stay Safe!

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