11 Facts About Owner Operators You May Not Know


One of the things I hear a lot from truck drivers that have been driving trucks for a few years is that they want to venture out and become owner operators.

Most of them feel like, after 2-4 years, they have hit their earning ceiling as company drivers and the only way for them to make more money in trucking is to get their own truck.

For those that have chosen trucking as their career, this is a good goal to have and would encourage them to find ways of making it happen. The only challenge is, not many truck drivers seem to have the discipline and dedication it takes to become an owner operator.

Becoming an owner operator isn’t just about buying a truck and driving it. It is becoming a business owner.

As a company truck driver, the only major responsibility you have is to be a safe and dependable driver. When you cross to the other side of owning your own truck, all of a sudden everything a trucking company is responsible for becomes your responsibility.

That is why you find that most company drivers talk about becoming owner operators year after year but never actually become one. Very few company truck drivers are able to become owner operators within a few years of joining the trucking industry.

Most of these truck drivers are people that did their research ahead of time, made a game plan and started implementing it right away. They probably had a previous understanding of how business works, and/or have a very high sense of discipline and work ethic.

The others that become owner operators are those that have been in the industry for more than ten years and have learned a lot to be able to know what they are getting into.

Here are some facts about owner operators you may find informative.

* The Average age of becoming an owner operator is 37 years
* The average age of an owner operator is 55
* They have been in trucking for 26 years
* They’ve been driving as owner operators for 18 years
* 36% served in the military
* 86% completed high school and about 45% received some level of college education
* They average 101,000 miles a year
* 41% of owner operators spend more than 200 nights away from their homes (remember a year has 365 days)
* 95% run solo.
* Their net income (after expenses) is about $50,000
* Are mostly Republicans followed by independents

If you want to read more facts about the owner operator truck driver, I found them at ooida.com

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